Monday, 11 April 2011

A World Without Meaning

How can we continue to live in a world without meaning? This has been on my mind as I have lost my way. Like I don't know why I do things anymore and the things I do are for false or shallow reasons. I almost lost it earlier today because I felt that cold and alone as i had noone to turn to even though I know there are so many of my friends I can count and rely on. Its the fact that I dont want to burden them as well, even though i'm certain they don't mind or that they are happy to help me. This feeling of being alone in like at the moment is haunting me and I dont know what to do, I want new people in my life because honestly at the moment, i've lost all whom I had feelings for and in my heart there is so much regret and sadness....

Hooray for my silly problems.

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