Friday, 4 November 2011

One more time.

I said to myself, Its done, its over. I've fucked it up enough. I don't even want a relationship anymore.

HAHAHAHA. turned out first chance I got I tried to get one with her again, only to be what? strung along another two times?

Well, it happened. Atleast I was happy for a week thinking I had someone who could just be mine, but then this following week trapped at home, alone, isn't worth it.

Just sitting here, I have to try and stop myself from talking to her. From even just saying hi, or I know that i'll just fall into the same place I was at the start of this week. I've said i'm done with her, and most of me meant it, I've said it to the people who I burden with my complaining, and I am sticking by it. Part of me wants to fall back, atleast I could find some happiness in the misery.

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